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queer_nyc's Journal

The Rainbow Pride of NYC
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It had to be done.. a community for all the queers of NYC. All are welcome here, though I'd prefer you actually lived in or near NYC. But I'm all about the out of city priders, so come on in.

A few things about this community. We practice tolerance and understanding. If someone chooses to be without a label, that is their choice. Bisexual, Pansexual, Bi curious, Straight Curious, Nonlabel, they ALL exist. Hell, some of us may only eb gay on Sundays. There is no black and white to this community, because how can a rainbow be black and white?

Everyone here will respect and be mindful of the fact that every member here MAY NOT be out, and most likely there will be a decent portion of us that aren't. Do not degrade, coax, or bully someone who is not prepared to be out with their sexuality. Just because you're comfortable with the world knowing doesn't mean everyone else has to be.

I'll have no flames in here, debates and flames are completely diffrent things. Use tact and if it gets sticky, call me. We're not in preschool, it's not tattletaling anymore. On that note if I seem slightly unfair or or dictator-like, do tell me. Sometimes I may need a reality check.

Use lj-cuts for pictures, surveys, etc. I will DELETE anything that doesn't keep to that rule. Not everyone has a cable modem, we don't need our friend's pages getting slow.

Your Ungender Lesbian/Gay Mod: pushtyber