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Awesome LGBT storytelling event tomorrow 
06:57pm 03/02/2012
  Does anyone even read :LJ anymore? Anyway I apparently still do, sometimes, so I am still going to post until LJ disappears completely. Anyway, this is a cool event tomorrow night. Cool, fun, laid back, no one turned away for lack of funds.
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Genderqueer ex nun nerdcomic, one night only! 
03:11pm 26/09/2011
Advance tickets or rsvp on facebook or check out Kelli's comedy.

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Research Study of Bisexual Women's Experiences - please participate!! 
06:41pm 10/07/2011
mood: curious
I am a doctoral student in clinical psychology and am recruiting participants for my IRB-approved dissertation study on the experiences of bisexual women who are in exclusive romantic relationships (including marriages, civil unions and other partnerships). Please consider participating, if you or someone you know fits this description! Participation is via a secure online survey, is anonymous, and takes about 30 minutes, and participants can enter a survey to win one of three $25 gift cards. Here's the link; more information is below. 



Liz Clark, M.A.



My name is Elizabeth Clark and I am a doctoral student in clinical psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I am currently working on my dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Braden Berkey. My dissertation research seeks to increase our understanding of the experience of bisexual women who are in monogamous romantic relationships. Specifically, the study investigates bisexual women’s experiences of both stigma against and support for their bisexual identity, and explores possible links between experiences of stigma and mental health. Findings from this study will help mental health clinicians work with bisexual women in a more informed, culturally competent manner, and may also inform the development or improvement of policies and programs serving the bisexual community.

I am writing to ask you to participate in my dissertation research by responding to an online survey that can be accessed using the link below. As stated above, we are interested in the experiences of bisexual-identified adult women who are currently in a monogamous romantic relationship (including dating, marriages, civil unions, and other life partnerships). We are seeking a diverse group of respondents of varying race/ethnicity, level of education, socioeconomic status, and age. Everyone who takes the survey must be 18 years old or older. Please consider participating if you are eligible, and please feel free to forward this announcement to friends, loved ones, and colleagues who may be eligible.

If you choose to participate, no identifying information or names will be collected. Your name cannot be connected in any way to the responses you provide; responses are completely anonymous in this study. The researcher will store the data on a secure, encrypted computer drive. Only the researcher (Elizabeth Clark), advisor (Dr. Berkey), and a trained research assistant will have access to the data. 

There is a minimal risk of discomfort or anxiety due to the nature of the questions asked; however, you are free stop participation in the research at any time.

By participating in this survey, you are helping researchers better understand the experiences of bisexual women in relationships. Additionally, by telling us about your experiences, you are helping add to the body of research about bisexuality as distinct from gay or lesbian identity. The more research there is on bisexual identity and experience, the more recognition bisexuality is likely to receive from the field of psychology and from the general public. 

For the purposes of this study, the researcher asks that you or any respondent complete the study only one time.  The total time commitment is approximately 30 minutes, and the entire survey is completed online. After you complete the survey, you will have the opportunity to provide your email address if you would like to be entered into a drawing for one of three $25 Amazon.com gift cards. If you provide your email address, it is not linked in any way to your responses, which will remain anonymous.
If you would like to participate, please click the following link:

If you have any further questions about the study, you may contact the researcher, Elizabeth Clark, by email at eac6200@ego.thechicagoschool.edu or you may contact the researcher’s advisor, Dr. Braden Berkey, at bberkey@thechicagoschool.edu or 312.467.2351. 
If you have questions concerning your rights in this research study you may contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is concerned with the protection of subjects in research projects. You may reach the IRB office Monday-Friday by calling 312.467.2343 or writing: Institutional Review Board,The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 325 N. Wells, Chicago, Illinois, 60654.
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TONIGHT! NYC Bi PRIDE Party 2011 upstairs at the Stonewall Inn 
03:39pm 18/06/2011
mood: flirty
We're having a Bi PRIDE Party and YOU are Invited!!!Collapse )

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A call for more participants! 
05:27pm 10/05/2011

The researchers need more people to fill out their survey. It's about LGBQ individuals' high school experiences. Was your high school anti-gay? Was it supportive?

Go have your voice heard!

Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LGBQexperience
Password: pride

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Queer Memoir: HOME March 26th 
10:07pm 19/03/2011
  Never heard of Queer Memoir? Check our our website, including our One Year of Stories, RSVP on facebook, or learn more about Queer Memoir’s founders and hosts, playwright Genne Murphy and ex nun genderqueer comic Kelli Dunham.

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Queer Memoir: Special Anniversary Show: HELLO/GOODBYE 
06:37pm 25/02/2011

You can read more or RSVP to this event on facebook
Haven't heard about Queer Memoir? Check out our site and read about our amazing first year.

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10:00pm 24/02/2011

 You can read more or RSVP to this event on facebook
Haven't heard about Queer Memoir? Check out our site and read about our amazing first year.

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Queer Memoir: CRUSH 
08:07pm 25/01/2011

You can also learn more about the event and RSVP on facebook or read about Queer Memoir here.
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Vote for Pro-LGBT Miss America Contestant! 
01:40pm 09/01/2011
  Vote for Ms. Claire Buffie a contestant for Miss America is the first ever pageant queen to campaign on an LGBT rights platform. Having won the nomination for Miss New York the beauty queen/photographer and activist now vies for the top crown.  
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New queer comedy series, with a twist... 
11:23am 06/01/2011

Want to try before you buy, so to speak? You can watch clips of Jessica here and clips of Kelli here.
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[NYC] 1st Thursday BiRequest Meeting: Gendered Sex, Gendered Heart . . . 
02:43pm 03/01/2011
mood: curious
All Bisexual, Fluid, Pansexual Queer-identified and Bi-friendly folks are invited to join us at the NYC's LGBT Community Center this Thursday January 6th for another of BiRequest's bi-monthly moderated discussion groups. This weeks topic is: Gendered Sex, Gendered Heart . . .Collapse )

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The Boys of BEARlesque 
12:28pm 22/12/2010
  1st let me say: This is not just for GAYS!

If you havent heard of us, we are The Boys of BEARlesque.

Whats a Bear? Well, its a larger, furrier male of homosexual nature.

Whats Burlesque? Its what happened between vaudeville and strippers.

Put them together and you have: BEARlesque.

For the past 8 months we have been putting up a brand new 2 hour long show at the infamous Stonewall Inn on Christopher st in Manhattan.

Every month has a different theme with a whole assortment of numbers from mild to wild, from comedy to sex, from romantic to risque. Our crowd is very diverse in the audience. Men, women, gay, straight, black, white, we get them all.

For 2 hours we do everything in our power to put smiles on your faces and entertain you.

We do our shows regularly the 2nd monday of every month. If Monday is bad for you, we are doing our 1st saturday on January 22nd. Ill advertise for that when we finish our flyer, but it is our YEAR IN REVIEW!! We are taking the best of our best and putting it all in one huge smashing show!

We do the show to raise money for charity and to raise the awareness of BEAR PRIDE!!!

Come see our next show:
Bear Sex in the City
Monday, January 10th @ 9:00pm.
The Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher st

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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[NYC] Fluid & Festive - BiRequest's Annual Holiday Party 
02:20am 14/12/2010
  Get your holiday groove on at BiRequest's ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY! this THURSDAY DECEMBER 16th from 6 PM thru 9:30 PM at NYC's LGBT Center in the West VillageCollapse )

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American Institute of Bisexuality Launches Message of Hope on International Human Rights Day 
02:20am 14/12/2010
mood: thoughtful
As we commemorate International Human Rights Day, the American Institute of Bisexuality is launching a message of hope for bisexual teens who suffer bullying and harassment along with their gay, lesbian and transgender peersCollapse )

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One day only- ex nun nerd comedy! 
02:30am 18/10/2010
  On her 15 year anniversary of leaving the convent, Kelli Dunham is celebrating with food, storytelling, and, of course, go go dancers. Brought to you by the brave folks at Found Voice Communications and everyone's favorite nerdpolykinkster comic Kelli Dunham.

Tickets are just 15 bucks in advance. If you want to read more about what a nice dyke like Kelli was doing in a place like that, check out the 12 Days of Convent at  Sistermercy.com
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Psst red hot comedy, ice cold air conditioning 
12:07pm 06/07/2010
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Yaoi Meetup? 
07:53pm 24/06/2010
   I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a meetup for Yaoi fans in lower manhattan?  Maybe at the Waverly Diner?  I've been jonesing from the companionship of other fan girls lately.  Email me at glittertrashwhore@gmail.com if you're interested.  
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Queerios: Funny, Seriously. Funny 
07:21pm 24/06/2010

And about that dorktease: what nerdiliscious components will they incorporate: a Harry Potter theme? A tribute to condiments? Scuba diving? Guaranteed to be so NOT sexy it's almost sexy. Almost.
More info on our main site.
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[NYC Tri-state Area] BiRequest's Annual Pride Party 6/17 6PM 
06:02am 17/06/2010
mood: happy
♥ Par-Tay ♥ Par-Tay ♥ Par-Tay ♥Collapse )

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